Daring Adventure


The television show “Once Upon a Time” returns to ABC tonight for season three at 8/7c.  Don’t miss the new adventures in Neverland and the continued pursuit on how to define good and evil.

Broadwayworld.com has been posting first looks of the movie “Into the Wood’s” cast this past week.  They credit Disney for this photo of Meryl Streep as the Witch.

merylstreepI created a pinterest board dedicated to illuminating wonder that features pins that remind me of Neverland and Wonderland.  Check it out!  http://www.pinterest.com/shineandinspire/illuminate-wonder/

TV Thursday-Michael J. Fox and Robin Williams


michaeljfoxMichael J. Fox is one of my favorite actors who continues to reach others through his artistry and boldness.  I gravitate toward shows that involve family and it will be interesting to see  “The Michael J. Fox Show” premiere tonight on NBC with back-to-back episodes at 9/8c.

Besides for his acting work Michael J. Fox is known for battling Parkinson’s disease.

“I turned myself around.  In fact, Parkinson’s has made me a better person.  A better husband, father and overall human being.  Life delivered me a catastrophe, but I found a richness of soul” said Fox.

“The Michael J. Fox Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease through an aggressively funded research agenda and to ensuring the development of improved therapies for those living with Parkinson’s today” according to the foundation’s website.

He is using his craft and circumstances to make choices that make a positive difference!  Thanks for being a shining inspiration!

For more information about the foundation and Parkinson’s disease please click here.

I like what Fox said about family–shedding light on family dinners, dynamics and importance.  “The oldest form of theater is the dinner table.  It’s got five or six people, new show every night, same players.  Good ensemble; the people have worked together a lot.”

crazyonesRobin Williams is also coming to television tonight in “The Crazy Ones” focusing on another family dynamic this time between father and daughter set in the advertising world.  The show will air tonight on CBS at 9pm.  I love the use of the lightbulbs!


Don’t Walk Dance!

dontwalkdanceI am thrilled that the choreography category was included in the live telecast of the Emmy’s last night.  Congratulations to Derek Hough!

I liked how this dance incorporated the television shows and how it was a collaborative effort between the nominees.  The quick changes added some cool flair!

Monday Moments-Smile

smilingSmiling is contagious

Decrease stress and anxiety

Release endorphins

Boost your mood

Be healthier
Build trust and empathy

Spread happiness


Happy Monday!


Dance Walk:Beat MS-Gratitude Day

Happy World Gratitude Day and last day of summer!


The 1st annual Beat MS Dance Walk takes place tomorrow where artists, dancers and people who want to make a positive difference dance and walk towards a cure for multiple sclerosis.  If you are in the LA area tomorrow check out joining the National MS Society, Courtney Galiano and Philip Byron to help end and raise awareness about multiple sclerosis.

You may recognize Courtney’s name from her association with “So You Think You Can Dance.”  Her courage in sharing her multiple sclerosis diagnosis as a professional dancer and her willingness to do something about it is a shining inspiration.

Other “SYTYCD” dancers involved with the event are Chelsie Hightower, Mark Kanemura, Neil Haskell, Dominic Sandoval, Comfort Fedoke, Robert Roldan, Kathryn McCormick, Marko Germar, Jeanine Mason and Ashley Galvan.

For more details on how to get involved including same day registration and location visit the Beat MS Dance Walk website by clicking here.  Download the moblie app here.  Learn more about multiple sclerosis here.

I am so thankful for the power of movement whether it be walking or dancing to express emotions, entertain and engage an audience to do something positive!

Many of the “So You Think You Can Dance” choreographers among other brilliant artists are nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Choreography.  The 65th prime-time Emmy awards airs live tomorrow starting at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.  To watch all the nominated dance numbers click here. One of my favorite numbers is “Circle of Life” choreographed by NappyTabs.

What are you thankful for?


Friday Film: The Wizard of Oz


The beloved and iconic film “The Wizard of Oz” celebrates its 75th anniversary!  Experience the vibrantly restored movie in IMAX and 3D in theaters starting tomorrow.  It is the oldest film to be converted to 3D and will only be in theaters for a week!  Check out local movie listings or click here to find a movie theater near you!

To celebrate the film’s anniversary I created a pinterest board serving as a nod to the “Wizard of Oz” in fashion, architecture, design, food, photography, quotes and fun. Check out my pinterest and follow my board of Oz inspiration!