Monday Moments: Translator of Beauty


Claude Monet: Translator of Beauty

“I love how Claude Monet, a French impressionist who brought us an entirely new way of seeing reality, literally turned his back on the Louvre to put his focus on nature. During the early years in Paris, while other painters would go to the Louvre to imitate the paintings of the greats who had found their way into this gallery, Monet would go to the window an begin to paint what he saw outside. Monet’s internal narrative was deeply rooted in the wonder and beauty of nature. He brought with his perceptions an astonishing use of color and movement.

Monet was mesmerized by the beauty around him. His work is the expression of a man drowning in a universe of overwhelming beauty. He saw the beautiful everywhere. He once wrote in his journal, ‘Every day I discover more and more beautiful things. It is enough to drive one mad.’”

Erwin Raphael McManus, The Artisan Soul

Do you discover beauty every day? How do you choose to love?

The Language of Flowers

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.”-Luther Burbank

Amaryllis: pride, splendid beauty, determination

Camellia: admiration, gratitude, perfection

Gladiolius: strength of character, moral integrity, love at first sight

Iris: faith, hope, wisdom, courage

Larkspur/Delphinium: beautiful spirit, open heart, big-hearted

Peony: happy marriage, good fortune, compassion

Pink Rose: love and compassion, gratitude, perfect happiness

Sweetpea: delicate or blissful pleasure

*Inspired by livehappy –Kris Wetherbee

I was recently inspired by the art of Claude Monet and how you can be fully present and inhabit every moment to discover beauty. Below is a pinterest board dedicated to artisan Claude Monet events.

Happy Monday!

Monday Moments-Never Dim Your Light

Happy Monday!


Never Dim Your Light

“As you launch into the world with your own personal trajectory seek that which makes you comfortable even if it is not what others would choose.  Admit your mistakes with grace, find the power in humility as you revel in your accomplishments.  Spill kindness onto the world, don’t let forgiveness be a stranger, know that you are loved unconditionally, and never, ever dim your light.” -Marilyn Maciel