Monday Moments-Dance


“You dance love, and you dance joy, and you dance dreams.”-Gene Kelly

Benefits of Dancing: Inspired by Everyday Health

Boost Memory
Improve Flexibility
Reduce Stress
Diminish Depression
Help Your Heart
Balance Better
Increase Energy

Happy Monday!


Monday Moments: Say YES


“Saying yes to life is really saying yes to yourself. ‘Yes’ opens the door to new ideas and experiences, lets the light in, attracts kindred spirits to your journey, launches dreams and new beginnings, and spares you from later regrets.  Sure, ‘yes’ leads to change, risk, adventure, and sometimes even trouble, but ‘no’ usually leads nowhere.  Starting now, say yes to life and see where it leads you.” -Inspired by work and words by Hunter S. Thompson and Professor Karl Pillemer

Happy Monday! Live an inspired week filled with possibilities to say YES!