Monday Moments & Movies: Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass is a movie that will spark imagination and touch open hearts with timeless messages of valuing identity, family, friendships, time, forgiveness and adventure.

I was delighted to see the world of Underland come to life enriched by a visually stunning film and pockets of truth that can resonate for children and adults.

Alice (Mia Wasikowska) steps through the looking glass to another whimsical feast for the eyes and heart. Emboldened by her loyal friendship and selfless love for her best friend the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) ventures out on a quest to help save him and find his family.

In order to restore the Hatter to vibrant life she must deal with time travel trips and Time himself (Sacha Baron Cohen) that reveals new layers and facets to the truth. There is a running thread of discovery through each time jump that Alice makes where she observes beloved characters Mirana (Anne Hathaway), Iracebeth (Helena Bontham Carter), and the Hatter in their formative years.

I love the message that in order to understand someone you must realize that each person has faced their own trials and tribulations. Never be quick to judge but take the time to listen to each person with an open heart of acceptance that allows room for forgiveness.

“You cannot change the past, but you can learn from it.” Alice’s mindset changes from determination to fix problems to humility in valuing what a new perspective can give you. Pain of the past can be let go when you step into the future with perspective, possibility and lessons learned with gratitude.

Another message that is beautifully interwoven throughout is to not to be afraid to be fully you. It is when Alice own her uniqueness and ability to find wonder that she is able to use her strength to help save the day and the relationships that mean the most.

And of course, believe in the impossible and do the impossible. If you watch the film go with an open heart ready to revel in some madness and experience moments of friendship. Step through the looking glass where adventure awaits. In your life, what looking glass do you need to step through to enjoy a new experience? When you look in the mirror what adjectives come to mind to describe you?


Breakfast is my favorite power meal of the day. Egg whites, avocado and a healthy green elixir of veggies get my mind exploring the possibilities of a promising day filled with adventure. Create an inviting atmosphere for yourself to start your day. Change your point of view from the ordinary to the extraordinary and get ready to embrace the impossible. Adventure awaits!

Gratitude Living

Wake up each day with a grateful heart and celebrate your blessings!  An attitude of gratitude can brighten a moment of despair and shift your perspective from being just about you to others and bigger events happenings in the world.  Who can you say “Thank You” to? Who and what are you grateful for?