Tuesday Tunes: Good Morning!


Last night on Dancing With The Stars Andy Grammer and his pro partner Allison Holker received a standing ovation and a perfect score of 10’s across the board from the judges for their tribute to “Good Morning” from the legendary musical Singing in the Rain.
The new reinvented version choreographed by Holker captured the essence of joy and playfulness that was exuded from Donald O’ Conner, Debbie Reynolds, and Gene Kelly despite lacking the intricate energetic tap steps that the original was known for.

Watch both versions below and start your day with a dance in your step celebrating the blessings in your life!

Thankful Tuesday: Golden Moments


Golden Moments of Gratitude…

Every day is an opportunity to live with gratitude!  Here are some ideas to spark your vision and curiosity to find those golden moments of gratitude.

-Write a handwritten letter to someone you’ve never properly thanked. Send by mail or hand-deliver to make a connection in person.
-Create an appreciation calendar, journal or jar. Each day, write something you’re grateful for and put it on the calendar, in your journal or in a jar to read at the end of the year.
-Turn everything into an opportunity to be grateful. Instead of your normal morning coffee, think of that cup as the gift of coffee. The gift of laughter. The gift of a smile.
-Focus on something you’re looking forward to and be grateful with hope.
-Enjoy the little things. With a small task you do today, such as washing your hands or texting a friend, ask yourself how your life would be without it.

 Post inspired by MindyBodyGreen’s “14 Creative Ways to Practice Gratitude

Tuesday Thoughts: Look for the Sunshine

Happy Tuesday!

I had another wonderful day on a new project’s television set today!  It was so nice to arrive at basecamp and see this sign posted.  It reminded me of how thankful I am for my family and everyone who is supporting me on my journey.  I like the idea of being able to post up positive affirmations and signs where you can read and see them!

Where you are at today may be cloudy and cold but always bring your own sunshine! Aloha!