Monday Moments: Walk With Kindness


Put purpose and kindness in your steps that leave footprints of love and joy. Set out on a path that will lead your eyes past good images that rejuvenate your soul.  Let your feet carry you swiftly to help others in need without thought to personal gain. 

Each step can move you to achieving a goal, changing a negative habit or into the arms of a loved one. 

Instead of dragging your feet in bitterness, pick up your feet with a willingness to walk and move forward in optimism.  

Perhaps you need to slow down your kindness walking pace to walk alongside someone in unity.  

Whatever pace you choose to walk, choose to walk in kindness and loving unity.

How many steps do you take a day? How much distance do your feet have you travel? Take those steps in kindness.  Travel that distance in love. 

Happy Monday! I am looking forward to a week of thanks and giving! Hope you are too!


Monday Moments: Be Kind


It’s not about winning its about finishing the race! Lift someone up today!

Kind Moment

Who: Derek Redmond, record holder and medal winner anticipated to achieve an Olympic medal for Great Britain and Jim Redmond -his loving father

When: 1992 Barcelona Olympics 400 meters semi-final

What: Derek snapped his hamstring during an Olympic race and struggled with a limp to continue on and finish a full lap around the track to receive a standing ovation from the crowd.

How: His father broke through security to help finish the race side by side. He drew up alongside Derek in his son’s moment of hurtful pain.

Why: Because kindness matters, because of love and strength of relationships

Happy Monday!