Timeless Theatre Weekend Part 2: Circus 1903

Craftsmanship, showmanship and ingenuity come together to create early 20th century circus entertainment with astounding 21st century puppetry mastery shared as a uniquely imaginative show.

Circus 1903 –The Golden Age of Circus is a must see sensational show transforming a theater space to the circus grounds of 1903 infused with the nostalgia of a time past where specialized human skill and a lifetime dedication to craft take the spotlight. Brilliant doesn’t even begin to describe it!

I enjoyed seeing the United States premiere run at the Pantages Theatre on Sunday. From the beginning the audience is invited into the world of circus by charismatic Ringmaster Willy Whipsnade (David Williamson).

The Elastic Dislocationist-Senayet Asefa Amare, Circus 1903 Sideshow Act 1

There is a charged electricity of oohs and ahhs connecting performer to audience with one astounding act after another. The producers of the show (Simon Painter, Tim Lawson and MagicSpace Entertainment) are expertly adept in lining the right amount of variety and length of acts to delight children and adults alike. The special effects are the people themselves which make the show all the more special.

The Lopez Family, Johan and Jonatan Lopez, Maria Jose Pontigo, Daredevils of the Highwire in Circus 1903 Act 2

The pace of the circus is driven masterfully by the dramatic music (composer: Evan Jolly) adding to the excitement. I marveled how each performer’s movements and trick timing matched the music’s rise and fall. The special touches of the music reflect some Latin flavor for Los Lopez’s death-defying highwire or the music’s playful excitement for Fratelli Rossi’s human body foot-juggling is superb.

Other special moments include Williamson’s interaction with children brought from the audience in act 2 that is both engaging and endearing.

One of the highlights of the show is when life-size puppets of a mother elephant named Queenie and a baby elephant named Peanut enter. Suspension of disbelief and a mind’s ability to believe is harnessed by designers Mervyn Millar and Tracy Waller for the company Significant Object. This reinvention of a classic circus act combines human like eyes with elephant’s graceful movement.

This circus is an inventive twist on an entertainment classic that has arrived just at the right time. Barnum and Bailey after over 100 years have decided to close their big top. The timing of this new show is just what audiences need to escape, to laugh again and to enjoy time with others.

Enjoy Circus 1903-The Golden Age of Circus with those you love when their circus caravan sets up in a theatre near you! The wonderment of human skill and laughs of merriment are timeless! Please check out their website for more information.


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To buy this Etsy printable please visit the Shining Inspiration shop here.
To buy this downloadable printable please visit Shining Inspiration’s Etsy shop